Basic Maintenance Tips

While it is always suggested to go and talk to your mechanic for any concerns regarding your car, this doesn’t mean you should know nothing about maintaining your car.

Car maintenance is not hard. All car owners should know how to at least know if their car is in good condition or not. Repairing it is one thing but maintaining it should be partly the owner’s job.

Don’t worry, nobody expects you to be good at what car maintenance right away. For first time car owners, it’s a learning experience. To help you out, here’s the first of a series of car maintenance videos you can watch.

Popular Hire Vehicles

Car rentals are a staple. Some people might need them when their car is in the shop. Some people feel they don’t need one, but sometimes rent one to get to places. Of course, there are always the guys who have a particular purpose in mind and rent a vehicle for that particular goal.


One thing you tend to notice in the business is that there are trends. Some cars are just more popular than others, for one reason or another.


The old VW Kombi hire Perth one of the most popular, as far as I can tell. Usually, you see it hired out for weddings. Everyone says it’s photogenic, so it sees a lot of action in photo shoots and parties, too. I even know they customise them, so they have built-in photo booths.


The Toyota Corolla is popular, too. Toyota, in general, is famous in Australia, holding the largest market share. It makes sense that a lot of rentals are also Toyota models, but something about the Corolla seems to stand out.


It is reliable and the parts for it easy to get your hands on, if you need replacements. Fuel efficiency could be better, I guess, but that’s true for practically everything.


The Hilux and Camry are also pretty popular. I’ve seen the Hilux used for parties, family road trips, and just friends driving up and down the coast.


Campervan rentals seem to pick up when the kids are out of school for vacation, in my experience. These are ideal for extended road trips.


I remember one customer, Stephanie, who asked the shop to give a rental campervan a once-over before she took it to the road. She was taking an extended road trip to “rediscover her creativity.” As far as I know, she managed to do exactly that.


Luxury cars are popular choices for weddings. If you’re spending an enormous amount of money anyway, why not rent the best bridal car you can, right? I prefer a Rolls Royse myself, but I know people who swear by other models. All of them white, because it just doesn’t look right for a wedding if it isn’t white.


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What To Check Before You Drive

We get it. Not everybody is a car expert.

No, we aren’t expected to be experts with our cars. But. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn a thing or two about taking care of it.

I couldn’t count how many times I have met a car who has had problems that could’ve been prevented with a simple check. Yes. A simple check before you leave the driveway can help save your car, and possibly its passengers.

To help you out, I will list down the stuff you need to check just before you drive. These will take you at least 5-10 minutes to do. So it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

  1. Look underneath your car and check if there are any visible leaks.
  2. Check if your tires are properly inflated.
  3. Check if your lights are working properly.
  4. Check the inside of your car if there is anything missing or if there are anything inside that doesn’t belong there.
  5. Check your windows and find out if you can see well. Also check the alignment of your side mirrors and rearview mirror.
  6. Check your gauges to see if everything looks like the car is working properly.
  7. Check the fluids in your car to see if there is still ample amount remaining. Check your oil once a week. Check your engine coolant monthly or before a long trip.
  8. Check if your battery is still in good condition before going on a long trip.
  9. Make sure you have the right tools in your trunk before going on a drive. You might encounter some problems on the road and you can never be too ready for anything.

On a good day, these checks will just come out as clear which means you won’t have any problems with them. But in the even that you see a leak, or that you feel something’s wrong with your battery then get an expert right away.

Anybody in Need of Roadside Assistance?

Everybody has bad days and bad days different from bad to worse.

Take my 2 friends for example. One of them approached me telling he has had a bad day because a package he was expecting to arrive today did not arrive. In comes second friend also telling me that he has had a bad day. But instead of an expected package, he got into an accident and now his car is out of commission.

See? Two different people claiming they have had bad days but one is much worse than the other.

But you know what can be worse for a perfect day? A broken down car on the road.

See, the thing about a car breaking down is that its not just a car breaking down. It can be a meeting you wont be able to attend on time. A promise you can no longer keep. Or a trip you have to postpone.

It’s a whole different dynamic. Sure, if it’s just a random drive and your car breaks down then that would be OK but what if it’s your yearly trip to the grandparent’s home? Or your promotion meeting? Surely you don’t want anything to happen right.

That’s the whole point of having car maintenance. But if you can’t do the maintenance, you might as well make sure you have roadside assistance.

I know a lot of people who just laugh at the idea of roadside assistance. They claim that it’s just for people who don’t know what to do with their cars. Well, that is partly true. Roadside assistance is perfect for people who aren’t too experienced with their vehicles. It is perfect for those who have little to no time to find out what’s wrong with their car.


It’s also great for people who don’t want to sweat as much. Just imagine having a blown up gasket in the middle of a trip. Instead on relying on yourself (not to mention having to deal with a family in the car) to fix it, calling roadside assistance can ensure that an expert will arrive to help you out.

So if you are wondering who needs roadside assistance? Everyone who doesn’t want a bad day going to worse.


What to Look for in A Used Car

Not all of us have the budget to go and buy a brand new car. Some of us just have enough to get a used car. While not really the best option, with some good attention to detail, you can easily get a good steal.

One thing you have to remember when buying used cars is that they are used. Don’t expect a 100% mint condition car. It might have been used for how many years and the owner is selling it. This is not really bad as long as the owner knows how to take care of their ride.

So for people who are looking for a car, why not get a used one? If you want to look at a used car, make sure you bring a mechanic with you especially when you are not that good with automobiles. But to give you a good idea of what needs to be done, here’s a short video of the things you need to look for when buying used cars.

Car Repair: Why It’s Necessary

Buying quality automobile repair services can help you have an easy and safe drive. When you can always have a DIY approach for the overall car maintenance services such as an oil change, tune-ups or diagnostics but seek the services of a specialist for the sophisticated car problems always. If you wish to get an improved value of your vehicle in future then you need to understand how to manage your car.

Choosing AN EXCELLENT Repair Shopautomotive repair

Always get recommendations/recommendations from friends and family, family, coworkers and other folks you trust. Co-workers can support you in finding a good repair center in your locality. It will always be smart to find a good repair center before you will need one. In this manner you will not have to choose someone randomly.

Thanks To THE WEB!

Go online to find out about the very best repair shops functioning in your locality. Compare the several quotes to find the best deal. Keep these things show the permit and also check be it an updated certificate or not.

Check with local consumer safety company to see when there is any complaint from the repair center from the old or existing customers. Most importantly, you should make sure that they can fix the nagging problem easily.


Check out some of the following advice to consider before you begin your seek out the best repair center:-

Tip 1


You should remember to browse the manual and understand the precise instructions stated in the routine. A manual has all the required information. And that means you is going through all the instructions carefully before choosing any repair train station.

Tip 2

No Quick Decisions

Remember, it certainly is smart to shop around to discover the best package before you meet a break down. It can help you to help make the right choice because you aren’t choosing someone arbitrarily. Never choose a repair shop/repair mechanic without checking the testimonials. A little bit of research can help the right is chosen by you provider for your car.

Tip 3


It will always be smart to get recommendations/recommendations from friends and family and family. Person to person is still regarded as among the finest ways to discover a reliable professional.


Put a small amount of work to find quality vehicle repair services. It shall offer you many benefits over time.

Happy Driving!